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Why oilseed pretreatment machines are necessary in cooking oil processing process?

Oilseed pretreatment is an important part in cooking oil processing plant, especially for medium and large input capacities like above 20tons per day. All the procedures before oil pressing or solvent extraction is called oilseed pretreatment. Here we would like to share with you why oilseed pretreatment machines are necessary in cooking oil processing process.

oilseed pretreatment machine Oilseed pretreatment workshop photos

Main function of oilseed pretreatment machines is as follows:

1. Oilseed pretreatment machines can reduce oil loss and increase oil yield.

2. Oilseed pretreatment machines can increase the purity and quality of final oil and cake.

3. Oilseed pretreatment machines can reduce wear on the machines and prolong the life span of cooking oil processing machine.

4. Oilseed pretreatment machines can avoid production accidents and ensure safe production.

5. Oilseed pretreatment machines can increase production efficiency of cooking oil processing machines.
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oilseed pretreatment machineOilseed pretreatment machine photo

After learning about the functions of the oilseed pretreatment machine, many friends may want to know that the each oilseed pretreatment equipment and its specific functions. Next, let's learn about the main parts of oilseed pretreatment machines:

Cleaning: using magnetic drum, vibrating cleaning sieve and de-stonner and to remove different impurities in the raw material like straw, dust, stones and iron impurities. If your raw material is very clean, then no need to choose cleaning machine.

Husking: some oil seeds like peanut, sunflower and cotton seed, we'd better use husking machine to remove the shells, in order to reduce oil loss.

Crushing: it is used for crushing large pieces oil seeds like peanut, soybean, palm kernel into small pieces, which can help to extract more oil from the seeds.

Softening: it is usually used for processing the soybean. Its main function is conditioning the moisture and temperature of materials and increasing its plasticity. This process also can be effectively prevent powder overmuch and roll banding in follow processes.

Puffing: It is usually used for processing rice bran. During this process, the materials are puffing sharply, the internal moisture was evaporated quickly and formed into loose structure, it is good for extracting oil out in solvent extraction process.

Drying: It is used for drying the moisture in the materials. After puffing, the moisture content is about 11%-13%, which is not suitable for solvent extracting, so we need to dry moisture in the materials to 7%-9%.

Flaking: We usually use flaker machine to process oil seeds. After flaking, the materials is becoming thinner than before, it is good for absorb moisture and heat in cooking process , and it is much easier for getting oil in the oil press process.

Cooking: The main function of this part is wetting , heating, cooking and drying the flakiness, the effectiveness of the cooking will affect on the oil out rate and the quality of the cake.

oilseed pretreatment machineOne of cooking oil press production line that built by Henan Doing Company

Above are all the oilseed pretreatment machines used in cooking oil processing plant, and we can adjust and design suitable oilseeds pretreatment proposal according to the raw material you choose and the input capacity you need. If you need such machines, welcome to contact us!

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