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Intergrated cooking oil press machine operation manual

In order to extend the life of the intergrated cooking oil press machine and produce high quality cooking oil, we need to familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics and operation methods of intergrated cooking oil press machine. The following is some matters need attention.

cooking oil press machine Intergrated cooking oil press machine main parts

Safe operation and installation of intergrated cooking oil press machine:

(1). Before use, you must carefully read the instruction manual of the Intergrated cooking oil press machine to familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics and operation methods of it.

(2). Before starting the Intergrated cooking oil press machine, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out. The fasteners must not be loose. The handles are flexible. Turn the pulleys by hand. The running parts should be normal. There should be no abnormal noise. Then add 30# motor oil in the reducer.

(3). Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. (The adjusting handle rotates counterclockwise, the gap of the cake is narrowed, the adjusting handle rotates clockwise, and the gap of the cake becomes wider.) The cone of the pressing screw abuts the cone of the cake ring. Then turn the adjustment screw clockwise (spin out 3-5 turns), then tighten the nut to prepare for booting.

(4). Adjust the temperature controller to the required temperature of the Intergrated cooking oil press machine150 ° C -180 ° C (depending on the oil) to open the heating switch to the main heating position, heating the small oil press, then the green light on the temperature controller is bright, red light Extinguished, when the machine temperature rises to the set temperature, and the red light is turned green, the temperature of the automatic oil press is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature. When the temperature is low in winter, the heating switch is turned on to the main unit for heating. The position increases the temperature of the oil pan to facilitate the flow of oil.

(5). Press the main motor button, (turn the main switch to the positive position) the main unit starts running, and the direction of rotation should be counterclockwise.

(6). After the new Intergrated cooking oil press machine is installed, it is subjected to 4-8 hours of grinding. The method is to slowly feed the cake with the dried oil from the hopper, repeatedly press back, and the squeezing is polished. Remember to start the grinding without direct feeding. Pour into the hopper, and feed with the hand is appropriate to prevent the screw shaft from being stuck. If the feeding is too strong, abnormal sounds appear in the pressing squeezing or the screw shaft is stuck, stop immediately, eliminate the obstruction, or re-assemble and then start the grinding. It is forbidden to force the trailer.

(7). When the small Intergrated cooking oil press machine is properly oiled, it must be kept evenly. Do not overdo it or turn it off. At this point, the machine load is normal, the movement is stable, and the sound is rhythmic. The cake is smooth, the low-pressure section is basically slag-free, and there is a small amount of oil slag in the high-pressure section, but the proportion of slag in the oil is not more than 10%, the temperature inside the squeezing can reach 150-200 °C, and the smoke from the cake outlet should pass. The shield is discharged by the pipe. The hot cake should be spread out in time, and don't rush to pile up or ship, otherwise it will spontaneously ignite. When the continuous working time is long and the machine temperature is too high, the fan should be used to cool down the air.

(8). When the pressed oil flows into the oil filter, press the vacuum pump button, the vacuum pump starts to run, the air in the oil filter is extracted, a negative pressure is formed in the oil filter barrel, and the oil is naturally drawn into the oil filter. The oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth. After the oil is finished, the oil is pumped, the valve on the oil filter is turned on, the vacuum pump is stopped, the dry cloth is formed on the filter cloth, and the vacuum is scraped off with a scraper. The pure oil of the oil filter is discharged from the bottom valve of the oil filter.

(9). Stop. Stop the feeding before stopping, and then put a small amount of cake scraps. After the residual material in the press is drained, the cake is no longer out of the cake. After stopping the machine, turn the adjusting screw clockwise out 1-3 times, then disconnect the power supply.

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