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What kind of oilseeds can be processed by edible oil extraction machine?

Actually, most of the oilseeds are suitable for extracting cooking oil by edible oil extraction machine, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil, corn germ oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, etc. They are pretty normal products in your life, they are very easy for collecting.

cooking oil processing machine The above oilseeds all can be used to make cooking oil

Although, edible oil extraction machine can be used to extract most of oilseeds, but not all the oilseeds processing process and equipments used are the same. Different oilseeds has the different oil content from 15% to 60%. Normally the raw materials which more than 30% is high oil content raw materials, less than 30% is low oil content raw materials. Because of the different oil content and features of the different raw material, they need the different technology and machine when manufacture cooking oil. In a word, different oilseeds processing process needs different cooking oil processing machines, as the following show:

soybean oil processing process:

Soybean→cleaning → crushing→softening →flaking → extrusion→cooling → solvent extraction plant → crude cooking oil refining workshop

rice bran oil processing process:

Rice bran → cleaning → puffing →cooling → solvent extraction plant → crude cooking oil refining workshop

sunflower oil processing process:

Sunflower seeds→cleaning → crushing → sofenting →flaking → cooking → pressing →solvent extraction plant →crude cooking oil refining workshop

cooking oil processing machine No matter what kinds of oilseeds do you want to process, Henan Doing Company engineers all can supply suitable cooking oil processing machine for you.

DOING company is one of the experienced manufacturers of edible oil extraction machine in China, we’d like to help you with more solution for the edible oil processing process. If you really want to process two or three raw materials in the same cooking oil production line, Henan Doing Company can customized special cooking oil processing process for you.

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