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Rice bran oil extraction process

Complete rice bran oil extraction process includes rice bran cleaning section,expansion section, rice bran oil extraction plant and rice bran oil refinery plant. Henan Doing Machinery is a professional manufacturer of rice bran oil processing plant , we provides turnkey project including design rice bran oil processing plant , manufacturing machines for complete rice bran oil production line , installing and commissioning rice bran oil processing plant until start-up. Here we will introduce you the rice bran oil extraction process.

Rice bran oil extraction process flow chart:

Rice bran→ Cleaning sieve→Magnetic drum→Puffing machine (expansion machine)→ rice bran solvent extraction plant→rice bran oil refinery plant → rice bran oil dewaxing machine →high quality rice bran oil

rice bran oil extraction machine Complete set of rice bran oil extraction machine

Rice bran oil extraction process introduction:

1. Separating screen

To separate rice bran and remove the stone, straw and other inpurities inside rice bran and increase oil yield.

2. Conditioner

To change rice bran physical properties,easier for granulation or expansion.

3. Expanding or granulating machine

To make rice bran into granule and increase penetrability good for oil extraction.

4. Rice bran oil extraction machine:

rice bran oil solvent extarction processRice bran oil solvent extraction process flow chart

Can use rotocel extractor, loop type extractor for oil extraction according to production capacity.

5. Meal desolventizer

After extractor , using desolventizer to dry meal.

6.Muti-effective Evaporators

After solvent extractor ,the mixed oil need multi-effective evaporator to evaporate solvent in order to separate solvent and rice bran oil.

7.Solvent recovery

Evaporated solvent will be transformed into liquid solvent and be recovered and reused again.

8. Crude rice bran oil refinery process:

rice bran oil refinery process flow chartRice bran oil refinery process flow chart

A: Hydrated degumming

For physical refining of rice bran oil ,degumming is basic step in rice bran oil refinery process. Degumming process can remove gum in crude rice bran oil.

B: Vacuum drying

To dry hydrated oil


To dewax before physical deacidification which helps deacidification.

D: Decoloration

To remove colorant from oil.

E: Deacidification and deodorization

Using physical deacidification tower to remove free fatty acid and odor.


Rice bran oil contains wax and fat which need to be removed.

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Rice bran oil extraction process is one of most difficult process among vegetable oil processing because of high acid value of rice bran ,if you want to know more information about rice bran oil extraction process, rice bran oil solvent extraction process, rice bran oil refinery process , please feel free to contact us !

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