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Doing Group plan to set up a warehouse in Nigeria

Good news! Doing Group plan to set up a warehouse in Nigeria. Now, our boss and sales manager have staied in Nigeria for several days and they have chosen a few good places. The latest news is that these days they will choose a site from the existing site as the final warehouse location.

palm oil processing machine Our boss and sales manager is looking for suitable location for our warehouse in Nigeria

This time, our boss and sales manager mainly go to Nigeria for choosing a suitable location for our warehouse in Nigeria. This time, we have visited many places in Nigeria, like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and Delta state etc. And we are very familiar with local situation. So far we also have several good options and in the coming days, we will choose one as the final warehouse.

Maybe someone want to know why Henan Doing Company want to set up a warehouse in Nigeria? The reason is that: Considering Nigeria is a very potential market and has high requirements for palm oil processing machines, we plan to set up a warehouse here, so that it will be easier for clients to check our machines in scene, to test our machines in scene, and buy our palm oil processing machines locally. Meanwhile our clients can save shipping cost and clearance cost, also you can easily buy spare parts or ask for technical services directly.

palm oil processing machine In the near future, Nigeria clients can buy palm oil processing machine manufactured by Henan Doing Company locally

Besides choosing a suitable warehouse for our warehouse, this time, we would like to visit our old clients, and check how is the running of our installed machines like palm oil mill plant, refinery and fractionation plant, also we can offer some technical support and professional advice for them. As well as, we will also have in-depth communication with people who want to set up a palm oil mill or palm oil refinery plant in Nigeria. We can discuss palm oil processing process and palm oil extraction technology face to face.

If you want to meet us for more palm oil processing machine information and about how to set up a palm oil mill project in Nigeria, please leave your messages and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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