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How to extract oil from sunflower seeds at home?

Sunflower oil press machine is an essential equipment in sunflower oil extraction process. Without sunflower oil press machine , we can't extract out sunflower oil. If you want to extract oil from sunflower seeds at home, sunflower oil press machine need to be considered.

sunflower oil press machine Small scale sunflower oil press machine

In fact , in the whole sunflower oil extraction process, a series of sunflower oil machine needed to be used, they are: cleaning machine, cooking machine, sunflower oil press machine, crude sunflower oil filter machine, etc. Cleaning machine can remove the impurities in sunflower seeds; Cooking machine mainly used for regulating the temperature and moisture in sunflower seeds to make it easier to extract sunflower oil out from sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil press machine mainly used to extract sunflower oil out . With the help of these sunflower oil processing plant, you can make money from the sunflower oil processing business.

sunflower oil extraction machine Main equopment in small scale sunflower oil extraction machine

We Henan Doing Company can offer different edible oil extraction machine to help people extract edible oil from various kinds of oilseeds. You can choose suitable edible oil extraction machine to extract edible oil.

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