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Before making your business plan for starting a palm oil extraction factory, it is important to learn about the palm oil extraction process. The process of palm oil extraction is very different from the processing of other seeds. Gnerally, palm oil extraction includes 6 processes: Palm fruit receiving station, palm fruit sterilizing station, palm fruit threshing station, palm fruit digesting & pressing station, crude palm oil clarification station,palm kernel recovery station.
palm oil extraction machineSmall scale palm oil extraction process machinery

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Palm oil extraction process flow chart are as follows:

FFB(Palm fruit bunches)--Sterilizing--Thershing--Digesting--Pressing--Clarifying--Filtering--Drying--Crude palm oil
palm oil extraction processPalm oil extraction process flow chart

Main equipment in palm oil extraction process:

NO. Main section Main machine
1 Fresh palm fruit bunch reception section Loading ramp
2 Sterilization section Sterilization machine
3 Threshing section Threshing Machine
4 Pressing section Screw presser
5 Oil clarification section Clarification Tank
6 Fiber separation section Palm nut and fiber separating machine
7 Palm kernel recovery section Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine
8 Engine room Diesel generator
9 Boiler room Boiler

How to extract palm oil from palm fruit? the detail information are as follows:
palm oil extraction machine
Palm fruit reception station

The natural palm fruits are gathered, regularly by hand, and exchanged to handling destinations found locally and abroad. And then the palm oil extraction process is start:
palm oil extraction machine Palm fruit sterilizing machine

First,the palm fruits go through a process known as sterilizing.This palm fruit sterilization step in the palm oil extraction process is crucial to the final oil quality as well as the strippability of fruits. Sterilization inactivates the lipases in the fruits and prevents buildup of free fatty acids (FFA). In addition, steam sterilization of the FFBs facilitates fruits being stripped from the bunches. It also softens the fruit mesocarp for digestion and release of oil, and conditions nuts to minimize kernel breakage. The palm fruit sterilizing process is before the palm fruit threshing process.
palm oil extraction machine Palm fruit threshing machine

Next, the palm fruits go through a process known as threshing, in which each piece of fruit is separated from the rest of the bunch. Large palm oil mill plant place the fruit in rotary drums to complete this process, while small palm oil production facilities perform threshing by hand.
palm oil extarction machinePalm oil pressing machine

After threshing, the next step in palm oil extraction process involves pressing the fruit to separate the oil from the skin and pulp. Some facilities place the fruit into large rotating drums, which start to break down the fruit and release some of the oil. This is followed by pressing, wherein heavy metal plates are mechanically pressed into the fruit to squeeze out the oil. Pressing machines may use hydraulic or pneumatic power to process large batches at once. The oil is then diluted with water and filtered through a screen to help remove debris and impurities.
crude palm oil After palm oil extraction process, we cna get crude palm oil

At this stage, the palm oil can be sold as a low-quality palm oil or sent on for further processing. For further processing of palm oil,the palm oil refining process and palm oil fractionation process is necessary.The palm oil refining process can get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude edible oil, getting standard edible oil by utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes.

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