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Nigeria overseas office and warehouse officially opened

Good news! Nigeria overseas office and warehouse officially opened. This is the first pilot to have both offices and warehouses. It means that the Nigerians or the people from around Nigeria will be able to communicate with our overseas manager face to face for detailed information about the palm oil mill plant projects or edible oil mill plant projects, as well as to check the equipment in person.

In fact, Henan Doing Company's staffs work in Nigeria almost all year round, such as, our engineers install palm/edible oil mill projects in Nigeria almost all year round, our sale team visit the old and new customers in Nigeria many times a year, or our sale team go to Nigeria to attend exhibitions several times a year, etc. Although before that, we didn't have regular office in Nigeria, it wasn't the hardest thing for us. The hard thing for us is that where is the appropriate place to set up the warehouse? Which one is better to rent a warehouse or build a new one?

palm oil mill plant This is the photo of palm oil mill plant projects in Nigeria, which were installed by Henan Doing Machinery

Thanks to our knowledge of the Nigerian market, we finally made the right decision to build a new warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria and ship the equipment there. After several months' preparation, everything come true. Now, Nigeria overseas office and warehouse of Henan Doing Company officially opened. Anyone who are interested in cooking oil processing machine or palm oil processing machine are welcome to visit us. [Related reading: Welcome to Nigeria Overseas Warehouse to purchase palm oil processing machine]

palm oil processing machine This is the photo of palm oil processing machine warehouse in Nigeria

From now on, if you are eager to invest in cooking/palm oil processing business, or you want to check our machines in person, you can contact with us for more details, then we can also discuss more about the business and give you some professional advice on how to start this business and prepare for it. Welcome to leave your requirements and contact here, then we will arrange for the manager of the Nigerian overseas office to meet you.[Related reading: How to start a palm oil processig business in Nigeria?]

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