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Jamaican customer ordered one set 2tpd cooking oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company

Good news, Jamaican customer ordered one set 2tpd cooking oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company and paid the deposit.

cooking oil refining machine Jamaican customer ordered one set 2tpd cooking oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company

This Jamaican customer is mainly engaged in the import and export business of crude soybean oil, crude peanut oil, crude sunflower oil, crude palm oil, crude rapeseed oil, etc. An accidental chance, he learned that doing cooking oil refining business is feasible and profitable from one of his friend who has been refining crude edible oil for many years. So he also want to get into this business.

This customer is very cautious. He has been inspecting the cooking oil refining machine manufacturer who have over 5 years manufacturing experience. Since this year, he has visited many cooking oil refining machine manufacturing workshop, but still haven't signed contract with any manufacturers. In order to let him know more about the manufacturing strength of our factory and our cooking oil refining technology, our sale manager specially invited Jamaican customer to visit our office and factory.

In DOING’s office, firstly the two sides has a friendly exchange. Our professional project manager mainly introduced the cooking oil refining technology and refining process also includes the special design of our cooking oil refining machine. In order to let Jamaican customer have a more intuitive impression, our sale manager showed the 3D video of 1-10tpd batch type cooking oil refining machine and the 3D video of large scale continuous cooking oil refining machine in office. After preliminary understanding, the customer expresses affirmation to DOING’ s company strength.

cooking oil refining machine Our project manager was talking about cooking oil refining machine with Jamaican customer

Next we drive to DOING’ s factory. During visiting the factory, he saw the equipment we were producing for Philippines customer, Uganda customer and Nigerian customer, etc. What's more, our business manager focused on showing customers the main components of our cooking oil refining machine, the function of each part and the material of the equipment, as well as some updates made by our engineers based on traditional cooking oil refining techniques and many years of practical operation and commissioning experiences. After seeing these cooking oil refining machines, the customer from Jamaica is satisfied with the high-performance and high quality of cooking oil refining machine. He believes these modern machines will definitely increase production efficiency and has a high output for his cooking oil refining business.

cooking oil refining machine 2tpd cooking oil refining machine produced by Henan Doing Company

After came back from the factory, our cooking oil refining machine engineers talked cooking oil refining technology and cooking oil refining process with him. The whole negotiation process went very smoothly. In the subsequent conversation, the two sides reach a further consensus on several cooperation intentions. At final, the Jamaican customer chose to buy cooking oil refining machine from we Henan Doing Company.

Thanks to all customers for their support and trust, we will try our best to provide customers with better cooking oil refining machines and services. If you have a strong desire and interest in starting a cooking oil refining business , welcome to visit Henan Doing Machinery. I am sure, you will never down.

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