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Manual and automated palm oil processing facilities and production processes

With the development of world economy and progress of science and technology, the method of palm oil production has also changed from manual to more advanced mechanical oil production. Taking palm oil processing in Nigeria as an example, at the beginning, people mostly used manual oil production to extract palm oil. The processing of the palm fruit locally is crude and tedious for the local and middle class dwellers in palm oil producing communities in Nigeria. The drudgery and time spent in extracting palm oil discourages the youth and affect the productivity of palm oil in our rural communities.

Manual palm oil production process is as follows:

Palm fruit bunches —— Manual separation of palm fruit bunches —— Simple water boiled —— Manual mash —— Manual pressing to extract palm oil —— Simple steaming to remove moisture —— Red palm oil

manual palm oil processing processManual palm oil production process

Although some hand palm oil presses were very popular, but for large-scale palm oil production, manual palm oil presses that were far from being able to meet the demand. Faced with this situation, mechanized and fully automated palm oil processing facilities have become the most desired facilities for all palm oil producers. So, many savvy investors are trying to import advanced palm oil processing machines from other countries.

We, Henan Glory Company-a leading company in China's cooking oil processing industry, have 11 years experience in R&D, production, manufacturing, export and installation of palm oil processing equipment.

For small palm oil workshops, our company can supply 500kg per hour palm oil press and 1ton per hour palm oil press for you to choose from.

palm oil press machine Small palm oil press machine and double screw palm oil press machine

If your processing capacity is large, we have 1-5 tons per hour small scale palm oil production line, 5-20 tons per hour medium scale palm oil production line and 20-120 tons per hour large scale palm oil production line for you to choose.

Automated palm oil production process is as follows:

Palm fruit bunches —— Sterilizer —— Thresher —— Digester —— Presser —— Filtrer ——Dryer ——Red palm oil

small palm oil processing facilitiesSmall scale palm oil processing facilities

Main section and main machines of automated palm oil processing facilities:

NO. Main section Main machine Functions
1 Fresh palm fruit bunch reception section Loading ramp Weighing palm fruit bunches
2 Sterilization section Sterilization machine reduce activity of the enzyme,prevent the rancidity
3 Threshing section Threshing Machine separate empty fruit bunch and palm fruit
4 Pressing section Screw presser Squeeze out most of palm oil by mechanical method
5 Oil clarification section Clarification Tank Filter impurities in crude palm oil
6 Fiber separation section Palm nut and fiber separating machine separate the palm nuts from fiber
7 Palm kernel recovery section Palm kernel & shell cracking and separating machine Crack palm nuts get pure palm kernel
8 Engine room Diesel generator supply power for palm oil mill
9 Boiler room Boiler Supply steam for whole palm oil mill

In order to let people have a better understanding of how palm oil is processed, this video is well worth watching.

This video show us the entire palm oil processing process in the form of animation. By watching this video, you will know what sections are included in the entire palm extraction process and what machines are needed in the whole palm oil processing process.

The palm market is very broad, and the palm oil industry is also an enduring industry in the world, palm oil processing is even a pillar industry in Nigeria. If you want to start a palm oil mill plant and want to buy palm oil processing equipment with reasonable price, please contact us.

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