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Sesame oil processing machine

Sesame oil processing machine

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Sesame oil processing machine is specially designed to be used for sesame seeds.The full set of sesame oil processing machine mainly includes:cleaning machine,hot blast air frying,pressing machine and filtration machine.Henan Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of sesame oil processing machine,we can produce and supply various kinds of sesame oil production line.

In generally, the sesame oil processing machine only needs the sesame oil press machine, but if the customer requirement, we can also produce and provide sesame oil refinery plant.

sesame oil making machine Complete set of sesame oil making machine

Next we will introduce the whole process of extracting sesame oil from sesame seeds:

First, sesame seeds should be pretreated and cleaned by seed cleaning equipment to remove impurities. Then, the clear seeds are pressed by professional seed processing machinery to get crude sesame oils.

Sesame oil pressing process of sesame oil processing machine:

Cleaning → Hot blast air frying → Pressing → Filtration

Photos of sesame oil pressing machine:

hydraulic sesame oil press machine Hydraulic sesame oil press machine

The next, we will introduce the whole process of refining of sesame oil:

Sesame oil refinery plant includes a series processing process such as degumming, neutralization, bleaching, deodorization and so on. In general there are two methods of sesame oil refining process, one is physical refining and the other is chemical refining. However, no matter what kinds of refining methods, they are all done with the help of various oil processing equipment and machinery. What’s more, sesame oil refinery plant are used to refine almost all kinds of oil extracted from oil seeds like sunflower seeds, peanuts , sesame seeds, and soya bean seeds etc. After refining, we can get refined, bleached, deodorized oil. That is, first-grade sesame oil.

sesame oil refining machineSmall scale sesame oil refinery plant

Sesame oil refinery process of sesame oil processing machine:

Crude sesame oil→degumming→deacidifaction→decolorization→deodorization→refined sesame oil.

sesame oil refinery processSesame oil refinery process flow chart

Cooking oil processing machine:

Sesame oil extraction machine

Complete set of sesame oil making machine

Sesame oil refinery plant

Hydraulic sesame oil press machine

Integrated sesame oil press machine with filter

Cooking oil processing machine:

Going Group is a professional sesame oil processing machine manufacturer in China. We provide different cooking oil making equipment for various oil-bearing seeds. Our sesame oil processing machine can meet different sesame oil production requirement of capacity, oil processing technology and actual sesame oil production conditions.

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