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Why choose batch edible oil refinery plant?

batch edible oil refinery plant
Batch edible oil refinery plant

There are several main types of edible oil refinery plant ways. One of them is the batch edible oil refinery plant which is effectively suited for many animal and vegetable oils. Some examples are rice bran oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, Niger seeds oil, rape seeds oil, peanuts oil and soyabean oil. Batch edible oil refinery plant is best for 1~20 TPD small scale edible oil production line. lt is divided into four sections namely: degumming, neutralizing, decolorization and deodorization. Since it is best suited for small output, it is oftenly referred to as small edible oil refinery unit.

Why Choose Batch Edible Oil Refinery Plant?
Diverse Application: Batch edible oil refinery plant is best suited for many animal and vegetable oils such as peanut, coconut oil, fish oil and seal oil which diversifies its application
Less Investment: This batch edible oil refinery plant needs less capital to run and it helps reduce the time required to recover the cost incurred in the plant. There less investment is incurred eventually
Minimal Land Requirements: Most of the times land becomes a nightmare when starting a complete plant of  batch edible oil refinery but for this batch edible oil refinery plant there is no land headache since it requires only a small size of land for the start. Note that even a 50m2 metre plot is adequate for starting this plant
Ease of Operation: For someone to work in this plant, they don't need any special and professional training. Only a bit of training and they will be working like experienced workmen since the machines used in this plant are user friendly.
edible oil refinery plant
Edible oil refinery plant

4 Sections of Batch Edible Oil Refinery Plant
Degumming section: Impurities such as gum, phospholipid and protein are dissolved into oil in the absence of water but if there is water in oil, these impurities easily dissolve onto the water. Therefore, in this section, hot water is used to wash crude oil to eliminate these impurities for a range of two to three times.
Neutralizing section: Free fatty acid which is hazardous to our lives is found in crude oil. lt reacts with caustic soda. ln this reaction, saponification occurs and free fatty acid becomes a soapy stock which is pumped out as sediments. This process of batch edible oil refinery plant removes most of the free fatty acid.

Decolorization section: The deep colour of crude oil is a result of pigments such as carotene and xanthophyll. Bleaching earth is used to remove pigments due to its high adsorption capability. The oil is then pumped into a plate filter and the bleaching earth together with the pigments are filtered out. The oil becomes clean and crystal clear.

Deodorizing section: Unlike pure oil, crude oil has different smell due various volatile substances. ln deodorization section of batch edible oil refinery plant, steam is delivered into oil continuously where it is completely contacted with the oil at high pressure and temperatures to erode the volatile substances.

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