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How much oil can we extract from 1 ton of cotton seeds?

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Commonly speaking,130kg oil can be extracted from 1 ton of cotton seeds. But the cotton seeds yield ratio is actually affected by many factors, such as cotton seeds oil content, cotton seeds oil extracting method, cotton seeds oil processing machine. How much oil can we extracted from 1 ton of cotton seeds needs specific analysis.

First of all, cotton seeds oil content is the most direct factor affecting cotton seeds oil yield, the higher the oil content, the higher the yield of cotton seeds oil. Different varieties of cotton seeds oil content is different, which reminds investors to pay high attention to cotton seeds varieties when collecting raw materials.

Besides that, the cotton seeds oil extracting method also plays an important role in cotton seeds oil yield. There are mainly two kinds of cotton seeds oil extracting methods, one is direct pressing way and the other is solvent extraction way. comparatively speaking, solvent extraction way can extract more cotton seeds oil. The cotton seeds oil residual rate of direct extracting way is about 7%, while the solvent extraction way is below 1%.

direct pressing and solvent extraction way Direct pressing and solvent extraction way

The last but not the least, cotton seeds processing machine will also influence the cotton seeds oil yield. The higher the configuration of cotton seeds oil processing machine, the more stable the machine operation state, the less oil loss in the production process, the more oil we can extract from 1 ton of cotton seeds.

 cotton seeds processing machineCotton seeds processing machine

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