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How to reduce the residual oil inside meal?

edible oil extraction machine
Main equipments of edible oil extracxtion machine

Thinking about different price of oil and meal, good cooking oil extraction with less oil residue inside meal is very important for oil production which will directly affect profit of one cooking oil mill plant.find here how to control oil residue inside meal to improve oil yield during cooking oil extraction machine .Factors which affect oil residue as follows:

1. Raw material quality
Thickness of material for extraction should be controlled no more than 0.3mm, moisture less than 10%, with even pieces without much powder.

2. Extraction temperature
Increase extraction temperature at a reasonable range which can reduce viscosity between oil and solvent, helps to improve extraction speed or at same time improve oil yield inside meal.

3. Oil extraction time
Solvent contacting oil material time is oil extraction time, which is depending on rolling speed of oil extractor.How long oil extracted should make sure oil molecule have enough time to disffuse inside solvent. If extration too long, it will waste. So it's important to find a reasonable oil extraction time during edible oil extraction process.

4.Proportion of solvent
Too low proportion of solvent will not have good effect of oil extraction with high oil residue, but if too high proportion of solvent will be difficult to evaporate which will reduce production capacity.

Hence, we need be careful and control well above factors during edible oil extraction process in order to improve oil yield inside meal to increase profit.

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