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How is sunflower oil processed? What machines are needed?

Sunflower oil has golden color, clear oil body and delicate smell and it is an important edible oil. The broad market demand makes sunflower oil rank fourth among all the world-wide consumption of vegetable oils. So how is sunflower oil processed? And what machines are needed? Here is a photo to help you learn more.

sunflower oil processing machinesunflower oil process production

As we can see, the sunflower oil production process mainly includes five steps, including cleaning, hulling, flaking, cooking, pressing. And each step is equipped with advanced sunflower oil processing machine. In the following, I will make a detailed introduction about how is sunflower oil processed and the needed machines.

First step: cleaning

Clean off the little stones, metallic substances, soil and other impurities in sunflower seeds and ensure the sunflower seeds are ready for next processing step.

Machines needed: magnetic selector, vibrate cleaning sieve, destoner

Second step: hulling

Separate the kernel and husk of the sunflower seeds, decrease the residual oil in the husk in order to avoid the oil loss and ensure the sunflower oil is of high quality.

Machines needed: kernel husk separator

Third step: flaking

Ground the de-hulled sunflower seeded into flakiness to increase the surface area to be cooked in next step.

Machines needed: flaking roll

Fourth step: cooking

Adjust the temperature and moisture of the flakiness to the best condition, so as to formulate oil path and improve oil yield.

Machines needed: cooker

Fifth step: pressing

Squeeze the sunflower oil out of the mature embryo under high pressure.

Machines needed: sunflower oil processing machine

sunflower oil processing machineSunflower oil processing machine

Above’s all about how sunflower oil is processed and what machines are needed. And the mentioned sunflower oil processing machines manufactured by Henan glory Company have the features of high oil extracting rate, low energy consumption, easy handling and small footprint, etc. If you also want to invest the sunflower oil processing plant to increase income, welcome to call us and our engineers can customize you practical processing solutions.

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