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What equipment does a small cooking oil mill plant include?

According to different raw materials and processing capacity, the production process of cooking oil is also different. For small scale cooking oil mill plant, the main production equipment include cooker, press and filter. Today, I will introduce these three parts in detail for you.

small scale cooking oil mill plant.jpgsmall scale cooking oil mill plant

The cooking process in a small scale cooking oil mill plant is essential.The purpose of cooking is to make changes in the biochemical composition and physical state of the seeds through the action of temperature and moisture, in order to increase the oil yield and improve the quality of oil and cake. We have three types of cookers to choose from: wood fired cooker, electric cooker, and gas cooker. What’s more, the inlet and outlet ports are one port, reducing labor costs while avoiding scalding.

The principle of pressing is to use physical pressure to separate the oil directly from the seeds, the whole process without any chemical additives, to ensure that the product is safe, hygienic, pollution-free, and the natural nutrition is not destroyed. Our oil presses have been tested many times and are easy to operate with oil yield of over 95%. Secondly, our presses of small scale cooking oil mill plant can be used for a variety of raw materials, such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc.(Recommend reading: Cooking oil pressing machine running video)

Cooking oil press.jpgCooking oil press

The last is filtering. In general, for small scale cooking oil mill plant, we will recommend to choose the plate filter, the equipment cost is low and the filtration effect is good. Its working principle is to filter out the impurities in the crude oil and take away part of the water through the action of squeezing.

The above is the introduction of small scale processing plant, the specific equipment is determined according to the customer's raw material, such as cracker, cleaning machine, etc. All our products have been tested many times and can fully meet the production requirements. High oil output rate and low failure rate have always been our strengths, and each equipment has unique advantages. So please contact me if you have any need.

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