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What is the steps of making soybean oil?

What is the steps of making soybean oil? Many people don't know the detail processing steps, here you will find few easy steps to make soybean oil at home.

Soybean oil processing steps is as follows:

Soybean → Prepare (cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking)→ press →filter →Filling→ peanut oil

peanutoil making machine Peanut oil making machine

Step 1 – Get the soybeans

You will require pretty large amount of soybeans, you can purchase soybean from market or small farmers.

peanut Peanut

Step 2 – Prepare the soybeans

This is the most important steps in soybean oil extraction process. First you require remove the impurities in soybean . Next, you have to broken the soybeans to small pieces. The function can increase the area of oil seed and make the tempering easier. The soybean is divided to 6-8 pieces and the water content of crusher is 7-12%. Then , you need to soften the soybean which helps to adjust the water content of the material. It also can improve the oil yield rate . Finally , you need to make the soybean into flake, the thickness of cake is about 0.5mm. After this , you can send the prepared soybean into soybean oil press machine to squeez out the soybean oil.

peanut oil making machine Peanut oil making machine

Step 3 – Press the soybean

During this process, you need to use soybean oil press machine also named screw penaut oil press machine. soybean oil press machine squeez out the soybean oil from soybeans. After soybean oil press machine, you can get crude soybean oil.

peanutoil making machine Peanut oil press machine

Step 4 – Filter crude soybean oil

There are some impurities in crude soybean oil, in order to get high quality soybean oil , you need to filter the crude soybean oil.

peanut oil making machine Peanut oil filter machine

Step 5 – Filling the soybean oil

When the oil is completely clean after soybean oil filtering machine, you can use soybean oil filling machine to pack the soybean oil into bottles or into barrel for sale.

peanut oil filling machine Peanut oil filling machine

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