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Can the solvent extracted oil be eaten directly? What kind of cooking oil processing machine is needed?

As we all know, there are two ways to extract cooking oil, one is the traditional oil press and the other is the chemical solvent extraction. Can the solvent extracted oil be eaten directly? What kind of cooking oil processing machine is needed? Today we are going to talk about it.

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Frist, I would like to introduce the processing of solvent extraction and cooking oil processing machine. The solvent extraction consists of the containing the former press plant, we call it the pre-processing, which first goes through the pre-treatment to extract a portion of the oil in the oil, and the remaining cake goes into the solvent extractor for extract oil.

The first part is the rotary-type extractor, one of the most important equipment in the whole factory. After 2hours fully mixing the oilseed and the N- hexane, Then you will get the oil mixed with solvent we call it miscella and the wet meal.

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The second step is the wet meal treatment, the meal including a mount of the solvent about 25%-35%. and this part of solvent can be recovered and resumed so we us the DTDC--desolventizer-toaster with integrated to separated the solvent from meal.

The third step is evaporation and stripping of solvents. We use the first evaporator, second evaporator, stripper and other equipment to completely evaporate the solvent from the oil to obtain clean oil.

The last part is solvent recovery, which mainly uses the condenser to convert the gaseous solvent into a liquid state, and uses the water distribution tank to recover the solvent for recycling.

So, can solvent extracted oils be eaten directly? After a series of treatments, the oil will also contain a small amount of solvents and other impurities that may affect human health. Therefore, if your oil meets the edible standard, it must go through cooking oil refining machine to further refine your oil. Through degumming , deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization to obtain refined cooking oil before consumption.

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