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Can I use one oil press machine to process palm kernel and soybean?

Can we use one oil press machine to process palm kernel and soybean? The answer is of course no, because palm kernels are much harder than other oil seeds, like soybean, peanut/groundnut, sesame seeds, etc. So if palm kernels are pressed with an ordinary oil press, it is likely to wear and even damage the snails. Therefore, generally speaking, Henan Glory Company will recommend to use palm kernel oil press and the common oil press machine separately to ensure the pressing effect and prolong the service life of the oil press.

Then, what are the differences between these two kinds of cooking oil press machines? Below is the comparison figure of these two press machines:

palm kernel oil press machinePalm kernel oil press machine and soybean oil press machine

Although there is little difference in appearance between this two kind of oil press machine, actually, our engineers have improved the snail press chamber inside the oil press machine. After improving, the oil press machine is with larger power and stronger abrasion resistance, so that it not only can crush palm kernel easier, but ensure its usage life.

In order to ensure the effect of the palm kernel oil press machine, our company have tested this palm kernel oil press machine by importing palm kernel from Thailand for many times. You can watch our testing running video of palm kernel oil press machine and see the effect of pressing.

If you really want to press palm kernel and soybean, you can contact us and tell us your requirement. Our engineer can design the suitable plan for you. Welcome to contact us for free quotation.

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