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Fourth Quarter Promotions -- 20% off red palm oil extractor

In order to give more profits to our customers, Henan Glory Company launches Fourth Quarter Promotions:

From October 1st, 2022 to January 1st, 2023, the single machine price for processing palm oil and palm kernel oil has different discount plan. Among them, the 500kg/h single screw palm oil press machine has 20% off and double screw palm oil press machine has 15% off. Other equipment, such as digester, palm kernel oil press machine, palm kernel crusher, etc, you can consult for the detailed discount plan.
red plam oil extratorDifferent types of palm oil extractor

If you want to buy palm oil processing machine or palm kernel oil processing machine, it is the best chance now, saving cost for you. Henan Glory Company always is waiting for your consultation, and will provide the best service for you.

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