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Palm fruit reception station

Palm fruit reception station

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palm fruit reception station
Palm fruit bunches

Palm fruit reception station is the first step in palm oil processing process.Palm fruit reception station is the basic conditions to set up a palm oil mill plant .Next i will introduce some knowledge of palm fruit reception station for some one who wants to start a palm oil extraction business.
Oil palm belongs to palmaceous plant; It is mainly distributed in tropic area and some sub-tropic areas; It is one of the most important tropic oil seed plants in the world . The oil rate in oil palm is very high: generally 46~50% in the fresh pulp , and 50~55% in palm kernel.

The oil content of the palm fruit is very low in the early phases of formation and it increases as the fruit grow. When the fruits is maturity, the oil content is about 50% of mesocarp weigh.

palm fruit reception station
Palm oil mill plant
How many ton CPO & CPKO you can get from FFB?
136 trees/ha=20-23tonsFFB/ha/year
CPKO = 1t/hectare/year
FFB = 1000-3000 individual palm fruit
FFB = 10-25kg
Weight of each palm fruit= 8-13g
palm fruit reception station
Palm fruit reception station

Collecting the ripe fresh cluster, then pour the fluster into the discharge door after weighed in palm fruit reception station. The discharge door has discharging channels, the upper and lower switches of the iron gate are controlled by pneumatic and pneumatic control devices. Start the control valve to open the gate of the discharge door, then the palm fruits will fall into the fruit basket car or conveyor.

The fresh palm fruits apt to be bruised in many cases before extraction of palm oil, especially during the processes of harvesting, loading and unloading. However, during palm fruit reception starion, the FFA (free fatty acids) in the bruised part of palm fruit can increase to 60% rapidly in just an hour, which greatly affects the composition and quality of final palm oil. The answer to reduce the damage to palm oil extraction quality is to send the fresh fruit bunches to process and extracting the fruits as early as possible once harvested, at the latest within 48 hours.

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