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Palm kernel oil extraction machine

Palm kernel oil extraction machine

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Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis.It should not be confused with the other two edible oils derived from palm fruits: palm oil, extracted from the pulp of the oil palm fruit, and coconut oil, extracted from the kernel of the coconut.
 palm kernel
Palm kernel
Palm kernel oil, palm oil, and coconut oil are three of the few highly saturated vegetable fats; these oils give the name to the 16-carbon saturated fatty acid palmitic acid that they contain.
Palm kernel oil, which is semi-solid at room temperature, is more saturated than palm oil and comparable to coconut oil. It is commonly used in commercial cooking because of its relatively low cost, and because it remains stable at high cooking temperatures and can be stored longer than other vegetable oils.
 palm kernel oil
Palm kernel oil
If you want to get palm kernel oil from palm kernel,you need the palm kernel oil extraction machine.
Palm kernel pre-treatment process of palm kernel oil extraction machine:
Proper kernel pre-treatment is necessary to efficiently extract the oil from the kernels. The feed kernels must first be cleaned of foreign materials that may cause damage to the screw-presses, increasing maintenance costs and down time, and contamination of products. Magnetic separators commonly are installed to remove metal debris, while vibrating screens are used to sieve sand, stones or other undesirable materials.
A swinging hammer grinder, breaker rolls or a combination of both then breaks the kernels into small fragments. This process increases the surface area of the kernels, thus facilitating flaking. The kernel fragments subsequently are subjected to flaking in a roller mill. A large roller mill can consist of up to five rollers mounted vertically above one another, each revolving at 200-300 rpm. The thickness of kernel cakes is progressively reduced as it travels from the top roller to the bottom. This progressive rolling initiates rupturing of cell walls. The flakes that leave the bottom nip are from 0.25 to 0.4 mm thick.
 palm kernel crusher
Palm kernel crusher
The kernel flakes are then conveyed to a stack cooker for steam conditioning, the purpose of which is to:
    · adjust the moisture content of the meal to an optimum level;
    · rupture cell walls (initiated by rolling);
    · reduce viscosity of oil;
    · coagulate the protein in the meal to facilitate separation of the oil from protein materials.
The meal flows from the top compartment down to the fifth compartment in series. At each stage a mechanical stirrer agitates the meal. Steam trays heat the cookers, and live steam may be injected into each compartment when necessary. The important variables are temperature, retention time and moisture content. In the palm kernel, the meals are normally cooked to a moisture content of 3 percent at 104-110°C.
 Palm kernel pretreatment plant
Palm kernel pretreatment plant
Pressing process of palm kernel oil extraction machine
The properly cooked meal is then fed to the screw-press, which consists of an interrupted helical thread (worm) which revolves within a stationary perforated cylinder called the cage or barrel. The meal is forced through the barrel by the action of the revolving worms. The volume axially displaced by the worm diminishes from the feeding end to the discharge end, thus compressing the meal as it passes through the barrel.
The expelled oil drains through the perforation of the lining bars of the barrel, while the de-oiled cake is discharged through an annular orifice. In order to prevent extreme temperatures that could damage the oil and cake quality, the worm-shaft is always cooled with circulating water while the barrel is cooled externally by recycling some cooled oil.
Different extraction methods of palm kernel oil extraction machine:
Screw-pressing method
Some mills crush the kernels directly in the presses without any pre-treatment. Double pressing usually is required to ensure efficient oil extraction. The screw-presses used normally are less than 10 tonnes per unit per day.
 Palm kernel pressing machine
Palm kernel pressing machine
Solvent extraction method
Solvent extraction processes can be divided into three main unit operations: kernel pre-treatment, oil extraction, and solvent recovery from the oil and meal. For the purposes of small-scale operations it is sufficient to mention the solvent extraction process is an alternative for high capacity mills. However the process is not recommended for small enterprises.
Traditional method of palm kernel extraction
This way you can get most oil out from palm kernel cake,the oil residue in cake can be less than 1%.mostly suitable for big capacities above 30TPD.  
 Palm kernel oil extraction machine
Palm kernel oil extraction machine
Oil clarification process of palm kernel oil extraction machine
The expelled oil invariably contains a certain quantity of ‘fines and foots’ that need to be removed. The oil from the presses is drained to a reservoir. It is then either pumped to a decanter or revolving coarse screen to remove a large part of the solid impurities. The oil is then pumped to a filter press to remove the remaining solids and fines in order to produce clear oil prior to storage. The cakes discharged from the presses are conveyed for bagging or bulk storage.
Oil refinery process of palm kernel oil extraction machine:

Palm kernel oil refinery is according to the different usage and requirements, utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude oil, getting standard oil.
It include degumming,deacidification,decolorization,deodorization and fractionation process.
 Palm kernel oil refinery machine
Palm kernel oil refinery machine
After the above process,you can get first grade edible plam kernel oil.which can be sold as cooking oil,or used for other deep processing field. 

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