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Peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing machine

Peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing machine

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Peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine is the first step to process peanut and get peanut oil. In order to make it suit the requirements of the peanut oil extraction process. The peanut pretreatment &pre-pressing process is vitally important. Usually, the peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine includes cleaning section, crushing section, flaking section, softening section, cooking section and oil press section.

peanut oil extraction machine Peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine

Different kinds of oilseeds have different oil content and physical properties. So the oilseeds pre-treatment process varies slightly from one kind of seed to another. But most oilseeds pretreatment and pre-pressing process includes cleaning, husking, crushing, flaking, cooking and pressing. Below are typical oil seed pre-treatment processes of soybeans, canola seeds and sunflower seeds.

peanut oil extraction machine Main equipment in peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing process

Craft flow of peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing machine:

peanutoil extraction machine Peanut pre-treatment & pre-pressing process flowchart

Main equipments of peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing machine:

Cleaning: Remove impurities such as leaves, sticks, stones, sand, dirt, spoiled seeds and metal contaminants. This process is commonly referred to cleaning machine, such as magnetic selector, de-stonner and cleaning sieve. Cleaning section can avoid destroy other peanut oil pretreatment and pre-pressing machine.

Dehulling: Most oilseeds need to remove the shells before oil extracting, since the oil content of shells and hulls is less than 1%. Besides, shelling can not only improve the capacity of oil extraction equipment, increase the efficiency of oil production, but also can reduce wear of peanut oil press machine. De-huller is commonly used in peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing process.

Crushing & Flaking: Most oilseeds require size reduction prior to oil extraction. Crusher and flaker are used in peanut oil pretreatment & pre-pressing process. Some small oilseeds such as corn germ, rapeseed and canola don’t need to be cracked.

Cooking: Peanut cooker can adjust the temperature and moisture of peanut. Peanut cooking processs can make it reach to the best situation. After this, we can send the prepared peanut to peanut oil press machine to squeeze out peanut oil.

Pre-pressing: During peanut pre-treatment & pre-pressing process, the most widely used cooking oil press machine is domestic mature DY series pre-presser which specialized for peanut, the oil residue in cake after pre-pressing is about 10-18%, the peanut cake can adopt solvent extraction method to get more oil. The most features of this machine is low energy consumption, less occupied area, etc which is the first choice for peanut pre-pressing.

Peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine is only one major equipment in peanut oil processing process. Besiseds peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine, we also supply peanut oil solvent extraction planat and peanut oil refining machine. No matter what kind s of peanut oil extraction machine do you want to buy, you all can find a ideal one.

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