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What machines are used to make palm kernel oil?

Depending on the scale of production of palm kernel oil mill plant, the machines needed will be slightly different. Next, I will use family workshop, small palm kernel oil mill plant and medium scale palm kernel oil mill as examples to introduce different equipment options.

1.For customers who press palm kernel oil in family workshop, it is recommended that you can use a professional palm kernel oil press to extract palm kernel oil. (Because the palm kernel is relatively hard, it needs to be processed by a special oil pressing machine to ensure the pressing effect). As for the pretreatment process before pressing, such as shell and kernel separation, cooking, crushing, etc, traditional methods can be used, but the speed will be slower .

2.For small palm kernel oil mill plant, you had better equipped with crushers, cooking machine, palm kernel oil press, plate and frame filter, which can help you achieve the processing effect relevant processes and higher production capacity.

3.For the medium scale palm kernel oil mill plant, we recommend that you use the new designed palm kernel oil pressing production line, which includes palm nuts and fiber separator, palm kernel cracker and separator, crushing machine, cooking machine, palm kernel oil press and filter machine. With these equipment, you can realize full automation of material processing and ensure high yield and high quality. If you have special requirements for production line equipment, we can also tailor a production line for you to try to meet your equipment needs.

No matter what scale of palm kernel oil processing machines you need, Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd. can make the most cost-effective purchase plan for you.

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