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What is the purpose of peanut oil refining? What's the refining steps of peanut oil?

Because the peanut oil obtained either from peanut oil pressing plant or peanut oil solvent extraction plant would contain some impurities which adversely affect the safe, tasty and brightly colored cooking oil of oil, they are required to be removed for making the edible oil meet the national standard and is good for our health. In order to achieve this goal, edible oil usually need to go through four basic processes, they are: degummiing process, deacidification process, decolorization process and deodorization process. Next I will introduce you how to refine crude peanut oil to edible oil.

peanut oil refining machine Small scale peanut oil refining machine

The first and second steps usually are degumming and deacidification.They often work very long time, because they mainly used to remove the gum and free fatty acid in the crude peanut oil. And for the third step is decolorization, due to the crude peanut oil is dark color, so normally we will use activated clay to make the oil color become clear and light. And then we will use the leaf filter to filter the oil and separate the waste clay. And then the next step which is the last step is deodorization, this step aims to remove the bad smell of the oil.
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peanut oil refining processPeanut oil refining process (Refining process from crude peanut oil to edible oil)

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About decolorization and deodorization steps, they will need a steam generator to supply the steam for the production of edible oil. The reason for the need for a steam generator is that the deodorization tank need continuously heat, once stop and the next day need heat it again, it will waste much energy.

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