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How many types of cooking oil expeller can be chose to produce peanut oil?

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In order to ensure the final yield and economic benefits of peanut oil processing, the cooking oil expeller to produce peanut oil must be carefully selected. At present, there are two kinds of cooking oil expeller on the market, one is screw expeller, the other is hydraulic expeller. These two types of cooking oil expeller will be introduced in detail below so that customers can choose the suitable one to produce peanut oil.

1.Screw expeller

When screw expeller is running, the processed peanut materials automatically enters the pressing chamber from the hopper, and the peanut embryo is continuously pushed inward by the pressing screw. The pressure in the chamber of the oil press is very big, and there will be a lot of friction resistance among peanut materials, pressing screw and the pressing chamber. The peanut oil extraction rate of screw expeller is high, and the residual oil rate is only about 7%.

The advantages of the screw expeller are high degree of automation, continuous operation, large processing capacity, and automatic temperature control design to realize both hot pressing and cold pressing.

screw cooking oil expellerScrew cooking oil expeller

2.Hydraulic expeller

The hydraulic expeller mainly relies on the hydraulic pump to squeeze the peanut oil. After the squeezing is completed, the peanut cake needs to be taken out and reloaded. The hydraulic expeller produces less heat during peanut oil pressing, and the temperature is generally controlled below 60°, which is a typical cold pressing process of cooking oil.

The peanut oil squeezed by the hydraulic expeller is clear and has less impurities. But in comparison, the hydraulic expeller has low automation, high labor intensity, and small processing capacity.

hydraulic cooking oil expellerHydraulic cooking oil expeller

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