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What equipment is required for soybean oil production?

To produce soybean oil, we must first learn about soybeans. The oil content of soybeans is slightly lower than that of peanuts and sunflower seeds, generally between 18% and 22%. Our Glory Oil & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd has different plans for different raw materials, and there are many oils and fats engineers with more than ten years of industry experience are customized for customers.

For the equipment for pressing soybean oil, we illustrate it by different capacity:

1. If the capacity is less than 5 tons, can directly use our screw oil press machine, which is very simple and easy to operate and has very high efficiency.

screw oil press machineSoybean oil screw press machine

2. There are two options for the capacity of 5-20 tons: one option is the screw oil press machine, and the other is small scale production line: soybean oil pretreatment & prepressing machine, which including pretreatment, press and filter. The soybean will be very good to get the oil after pretreat.

soybean oil processing machineSoybean oil pretreatment & prepressing machine

3. Large-scale production lines can be considered if the capacity is more than 20 tons and the economy allows: soybean oil solvent extraction plant. The residual oil rate of our solvent etraction can achieve 1%, which can maximize the oil in soybean.

edible oil solvent extraction machineSoybean oil solvent extraction plant

Our equipment can be adjusted to different degrees according to customer requirements, until customer satisfaction is achieved.

If you are interested in soybean edible oil production, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with the best service and quality.

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