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What do we get when palm fruit is pressed? Are the pressed cake useful or a waste?

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Palm fruit is like a mine to be excavated, which is full of treasures that can bring wealth to people. We can get crude palm oil by pressing palm fruit through the following palm oil production process: FFB—sterilizing—threshing—digesting— pressing—clarifying—filtering—crude palm oil. When palm fruit is pressed, press cakes can be obtained in addition to palm oil.

palm oil production processPalm oil production process

The pressed cake we get is the mixture of palm nut&fiber, which has wide range of uses. It can be used as fuel, fertilizer and raw material source for palm kernel oil processing. Among these uses, it is the most economical to use pressed cake for palm kernel oil processing. The detailed palm kernel oil production process mainly includes the following five steps:

(1)Fiber&nut separating: adopting fiber&nut separator to separate them to get palm nut.

(2)Palm nut cracking and separating: adopting palm kernel cracker and separator to separate the palm kernel shell and palm kernel.

(3)Palm kernel crushing: adopting crusher to crush palm kernel into small pieces, which is conducive to the transfer of temperature and moisture when the palm kernel is steamed and fried.

(4)Cooking: adopting cooker to adjust the temperature and moisture of the palm kernel to the best condition so that the palm kernel oil can accumulate.

(5)Pressing: adopting palm kernel oil expeller to press palm kernel oil out.

palm kernel oil processingPalm kernel oil processing

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