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How to extract palm kernel oil from palm nut?

Palm kernel is derived from the kernel of Palm fruit. Palm kernel oil contains a lot of lower fatty acids, so its properties are very different from palm oil, but very similar to coconut oil.Fresh palm kernel oil is creamy white to yellowish, with a solid consistency and a pleasant walnut aroma. Palm kernel oil is a common condiment; Because of its low cost, it is widely used in food commerce and industry. Its high oxidative stability and cholesterol - and trans-fatty acid free properties are especially popular for frying refined products, which are good for health.Now let me talk about how to extract palm kernel oil from palm nut.

Palm kernel oil extraction process photoPalm kernel oil extraction process photo

The palm kernel oil making includes the following steps .

1.Separating fiber from palmnut

Mixture of fiber and palm nut is tansported to fiber separator, there is a layer of fiber on the surface of the palmnut, and the fiber separator is used to remove the fiber from the shell of the palmkernel, which is more conducive to the later shelling and pressing, and the removedfiber can be used as fuel or feed.

2. Cracking palmnut & separating palm shell and palm kernel

This section contains a magnetic separator - used to remove metal impurities. Grading sieve - divides palm nuts into even sizes. Sheller - through impact and friction to break the palm nut, palm kernel and shell of the proportion is relatively close, crushing efficiency can be up to 95%. Air separation column-according to the weight and stress area of palm kernel and shell, palm kernel can fall to the mobile palm kernel hopper, through the bucket elevator, the separation rate can be as high as 95% or so. Cyclone-uses the wind to shape the shell into a cyclone, so it doesn't drift around when it comes out.(Related reading:Palm kernel crushing and separating machine)

Palm kernel oil cracking and separating machine photoPalm kernel oil cracking and separating machine photo

3.Crushing palm kernel into small particles

In this process, we use a palm kernel crusher to break the palm kernel, Crushing the palm kernel is more advantageous with cooking behind, and squeezing out the oil.

4.Madulating palm kernel to the best condition before pressing

The role of the cooking is to regulate the temperature and moisture of the palm kernel, which is conducive to the subsequent pressing and improve the oil yield of the palm kernel.

5.Extracting palm kernel

In the pressing stage, palm kernel is pressed for crude palm kernel oil, crude palm kernel oil is temporarily stored in the pure clarification tank. as for how to choose the right palm kernel oil press, you can contact Henan Glory, we will provide free consulting services for you.(Recommend reading:Palm kernel oil extraction machine)

Palm kernel oil expeller photoPalm kernel oil expeller photo

6.Filting crude palm kernel oil

In the filtering stage, we mainly use plate filters to take away impurities in the crude palm kernel oil and part of the water. finally, we can get filtered palm kernel oil.

The aboveis how palm kernel oil is extracted from palm nut. If you want to know more about palm kernel oil extraction equipment, please pay attention to Henan Glory Company.We specialize in developing palm oil and palm kernel oil production equipment and export equipment to more than 90 countries.If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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