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Is setting up a soybean oil processing plant a promising business in Tanzania?

Many people want to set up soybean oil processing plants in Tanzania to seek profits, but they are watching cautiously: Is setting up a soybean oil processing plant a promising business in Tanzania? Glad to share you the answer is yes, and let me analyze it for you from the following three aspects:

1.National policy support

According to Tanzania Investment Center, the annual demand for edible oil is 500,000 tons, while the country’s supply is only 180,000 tons, forcing it to import tons of edible oil each year. To promote the development of edible oil processing industry, Tanzanian government gives certain policy support to soybean oil processing investors. Under the background of national policy support, the development prospect of soybean oil processing business is considerable and profitable.

2. Vast market demand

At present, many countries, including Tanzania, such as China, Russia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Pakistan. Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc, are heavily dependent on soybean oil imports. We may see that soybean oil processing have a vast market demand and great market potential no matter in Tanzania or in the international market. Therefore, you can set up a soybean oil processing plant at ease and don’t need to worry about the sales market problems.

3. Stable soybean supply

Tanzania has natural resources suitable for soybean oil processing. The soybean raw material is widely planted in Ruvuma, Mbeya, Iringa, Morogoro, Rukwa, Arusha and Kilimanjaro, etc. Annually, Tanzania has been producing an average of 200 MT of soybean seed per year, this offers stable and sufficient supply for soybean oil processing plant. The investors in Tanzania can purchase the soybean material at a relative lower price compared with other countries that lacks of soybean raw material.

soybean oil production processSoybean oil production process

From what we talked about above, we may see that setting up a soybean oil processing plant is indeed a promising business in Tanzania. If you have plans to set up a soybean oil processing plant in Tanzania, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company, who has rich experience in edible oil processing machine manufacturing and plant installation. Our professional engineer team can customize you the most suitable soybean oil processing machine and processing solutions to help you grasp the promising market!

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