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How does sunflower oil solvent extraction plant work?

In order to improve the oil yield of sunflower seeds, the solvent extraction method is usually used. After solvent extraction, the residual oil rate is less than 1%, and the meal is more suitable for animal feed. Then, how does sunflower oil solvent extraction plant work? What machines are needed in sunflower oil extraction process? Next, let’s discuss it together.

sunflower oil solvent extraction plantSunflower oil solvent extraction plant

Working principle of sunflower oil solvent extraction plant:

By taking advantage of oil fat and n-hexane can dissolve with each other, use the n-hexane to react with processed sunflower seeds or pressed sunflower seed oil cakes. Then we’ll get wet meals and mixed oil, also called miscella.The mixed oil is pumped in to evaporation system to get crude oil and solvent gas. Wet meals will be delivered into Desolventizing Toasting Drying and Cooling tower system(D.T.D.C system) to get dry meals and solvent gas. Then by condensing, the n-hexane can be recycled to reduce solvent loss.
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sunflower oil solvent extraction processSunflower oil solvent extraction process

The main machines used in the solvent solvent extraction plant:

(1)Loop type extractor: spray and soak the processed sunflower seeds or pressed sunflower seed oil cakes so that oil fats can be dissolved in solvent. Then we can get wet meal and miscella.

(2)Evaporator and stripping tower: the miscella is pumped into evaporator and stripping tower successively. Using the different boiling points of solvent and sunflower seed oil, the solvent is evaporated into gas to obtain high purity crude oil and solvent gas.

(3)D.T.D.C: Put wet meals in from the top of the D.T.D.C. With the help of heating, the solvent of the wet meal is evaporated into gas. Then the meals are dried and cooled.

(4)Condenser: used to cooling and condensing the solvent gas from wet meal and miscellafor recycling.

After solvent extraction,there is a trace of solvent in crude sunflower seed oil. You can directly sell it to the buyers who need it, or refine it to get edible sunflower seed oil that meets the food standard. If you need more information about sunflower oil processing machine, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company at your convenience.

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