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Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant

Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant

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Sunflower oil solvent extraction is more and more important in oil processing, because the residual oil inside meal is much lower than the residual oil inside cake without solvent extraction process. After sunflower oil solvent extraction process, the residual oil in the meal is less than 1%.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction plants are designed to extract oil directly from sunflower seeds. What's more, it is also widely applied in oil extracting of low oil content materials and pre-pressed oil cakes of high oil content materials. Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant adopts the most advanced solvent extraction process to obtain sunflower oil with high quality, high safety and healthy.The capacity of solvent extraction plant ranges from 30tpd to 1000tpd.

sunflower oil extraction plant Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant

Sunflower oil solvent extraction is one of important process of sunflower oil production. We can choose proper sunflower oil solvent extraction plant according to production capacity. Sunflower Oil Solvent Extraction Plant Major Parts: rotary extractor, desolventizer - toaster, negative pressure evaporator, and so on.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction process:

sunflower oil extraction processSunflower oil solvent extraction process flowchart

First, using solvent to extract oil from pressed sunflower oil cake inside oil extractor, final products are mixed oil and wet meal.

Second, the mixed oil will pass through three evaporators to make solvent inside transform into gas , and solvent will be recovered through condensers and reused. These three evaporators are not with same size , the first evaporator is bigger than other two because there are more solvent inside mixed oil in the beginning. After evaporated, we will get crude sunflower oil ready for oil refining.

Third, the wet meal will be delivered to desolventizer to dry and be separated with solvent. The dry meal will be packaged for sale as animal feed.

Operation process of sunflower oil solvent extraction plant:

After sunflower seeds pretreatment and pre-press process, the pressed sunflower cake will be delivered to sunflower oil solvent extraction plant to extract oil with solvent inside oil extractor. After extraction, will get mixed oil and wet meal. Mixed oil will be separated with solvent by multi-effective evaporators. Wet meal will be dried and separated with solvent inside desolventizer. Solvent will be collected and reused through condensers.


sunflower oil solvent extraction plantSunflower oil solvent extraction plant project in South Africa

Featured characteristics of sunflower oil solvent extraction plant:

● Multiple oil extractor selections assure the highest oil yield.

Henan Doing Company provides rotary extractor, loop extractor and towline extractor, ensuring the most efficient oil extracting on basis of particularity of every oilseed. The organic solvent addition through soaking or spraying will extract crude oil from oilseeds efficiently. Extraction system is highly adaptable to different raw materials.

● High quality crude oil available.

The sunflower oil solvent extraction plant usually equipped with negative pressure evaporator and exhaust gas absorption system, the oil extraction equipment can extract high purity oil with low energy consumption, low residual oil rate in meal, high oil yield, low cost and environmental production etc.

Henan Doing Machinery is experience in setting up sunflower oil processing machine. Our engineers can design suitable sunflower oil solvent extraction plant to extract sunflower oil according to the customer's requirements. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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