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Philippine customer ordered 2TPH palm oil production line from Henan Doing Company

2022.02.21, Henan DOING Glory Oil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. signed a 2TPH palm oil production line project in the Philippines, and DOING factory is producing machines. Recommend reading: Palm oil mill process machinery

The project is a cooperation project between a trading company in Fujian Province, China and the Philippine Association. The person in charge at home contacted us, and the person in charge abroad had palm plantations. At the same time, he consulted several manufacturers of production equipment in Shandong Province, carefully inspected, and visited the factory. It is to select high-quality production equipment and cooperative manufacturers, and finally DOING stands out with high-quality equipment quality and technology. From the project investigation to the local approval of the project, DOING has been actively cooperating with customers and providing the technical materials needed by customers. Although the Philippines experienced the outbreak of the COVID-19 during the period, the project was delayed, but the two parties actively cooperated and finally reached a good cooperation.

As the only manufacturer in China with a complete production line prototype for palm crushing, DOING has invested heavily to build a complete production line, so that visiting customers can have a good experience. Philippine customers have always been skeptical about the quality of the equipment before seeing the equipment, and they are comparing with the manufacturers in Shandong. After the Chinese New Year, He entrusted his friend to visit our production factory on-site. The factory prototype is complete, and the customer fully understands the strength of DOING. In the afternoon, we began to discuss the contract details.

palm oil processing machineThe 5tph palm oil processing machine prototype in our factory

DOING has been exporting machinery and equipment for more than ten years. It is also one of the few domestic manufacturers specializing in palm equipment. With its good reputation, DOING has projects all over the world, and our engineer has more than ten years of project experience in Indonesia, the technology is mature, and the equipment quality is superior. If you also want to do palm oil business, welcome to contact us!

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