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Rice bran oil expeller has been successfully sent to Turkey

The rice bran oil expeller was successfully sent to Turkey on April 12, 2023. This rice bran oil expeller can process 55 kg per hour and it is a all-in-one press and filter machine, so this rice bran oil expeller has both pressing and filtering functions and the customer can get clean crude oil with this machine.

Henan Glory Company rice bran oil expeller.jpgHenan Glory Company rice bran oil expeller

The customer's raw material is rice bran, generally rice bran is suitable for cooking oil solvent extraction machine, but cooking oil solvent extraction machine is more costly and adapted to large processing capacity, so the customer chooses rice bran oil expeller. The customer said that many local people use the rice bran oil expeller and did not succeed in getting the crude oil, because the oil content of rice bran is relatively low and dry, so compared with other seed raw materials such as soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds, it does not have a high oil yield.

However, our rice bran oil expeller will be tested several times according to the characteristics of raw materials to ensure successful pressing and high oil yield. Secondly, we will also make customized suggestions to customers according to the different raw materials. For example, for rice bran, we suggest customers to use fresh rice bran, and before pressing, we can add a little water to steam at high temperature to improve the moisture of raw materials to ensure the effect of pressing. Thirdly, our press screw uses a long four-stage press, which ensures that the raw material stays inside the screw long enough to help us get the most crude oil possible, so our rice bran oil expeller have the advantage of low failure rate and high oil yield at the same time. Our machines are also capable of processing almost all kinds of oil seeds such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, etc.

The photo of rice bran oil expeller.jpgThe photo of rice bran oil expeller

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