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Edible oil extraction machine

Henan Doing Group is a famous brand in edible oil processing industry. Doing Machinery is well experienced in designing and building edible oil extraction machine. All equipment relevant to edible oil processing plant can be offered by Doing Machinery, eg: peanut oil extraction machine, soybean oil extraction, sunflower oil extraction machine, rapeseed oil extraction machine, palm oil extraction machine, etc.

Doing Company is concentrating on globle market. 98% of cottonseed oil extraction machine, cottonseed oil processing machine are exported all over the world, like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc. View All>>

As a professional manufacturer of rice bran oil processing machine, we can offer excellent equipment and detailed technology support. View All>>

We are committed to providing complete set corn germ oil processing machine, corn germ oil refinery plant for our customers. We can customized products and customized solutions. View All>>

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