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Oil pressing methods VS oil extraction methods

edible oil
Edible oil

Oil pressing method is one way to extract oil with a mechanical press rather than utilizing a chemical extraction process. There are no solvent (chemical) residues in oil that has been expeller pressed resulting in a cleaner more pure oil, higher in natural colors and flavors. The process of extraction is the critical quality difference between oils often found in the natural foods marketplace as opposed to mass market or supermarket brands.
 oil pressing methods
Screw type oil pressing machine

Oil pressing machine is a screw type machine, oil pressing machine is the common equipment in oil pressing method,which presses oil seeds through a caged barrel-like cavity. This screw type oil pressing machine uses friction and continuous pressure from the screw drives to move and compress the seed material. The oil seeps through small openings that do not allow seed fiber solids to pass through. Afterward, the pressed seeds are formed into a hardened cake, which is removed from the screw type oil pressing machine . Pressure involved in screw type oil pressing machine creates heat in the range of 140-210º F (60-99º C).
oil extraction methods
Oil extraction methods
Oil extraction methods is a method for separating a substance from one or more others by using a solvent.The purpose of vegetable oil solvent extraction machine is extract oil from the cake.This solvent extraction method is for larger capacity ,but the invest is a little big.

Edible oil extraction machine main process:
(1) The pressed cake (form prepressed workshop) send to edible oil extraction machine by the scraper conveyor. Mixed oil will extracted from the pressed cooking vegetable edible oil cake by the solvent. After this step, we will get cooking meal and mixed oil.
(2) Cooking vegetable edible oil meal will sent to the toaster. Through the toaster, the solvent will separate from the meal. The solvent goes to condenser and is reused to cooking vegetable edible oil extraction machine.
(3) Mix oil from the edible oilextarction machine enters into 1st evaporator and 2nd evaporator, most of the solvent in the mix oil is separated.
(4) The mix oil from 2nd evaporator goes to stripping tower and almost all the solvent is separated. From the stripping tower, we can get crude oil and solvent. The solvent is sent to condenser and is reused to cooking vegetable edible oil extraction machine.

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