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Edible oil extraction method

Different oilseed needs different edible oil extraction methods, also need different edible oil extraction machines.Peanut/groundnut, soybean, sunflowerseed, canola/rapeseed, rice bran, corn germ etc are common oilseeds in our daily life.About these oilseeds, they can be divided into two kinds, high oil content oilseeds and low oil content oilseeds. So they need to use different edible oil extraction methods.
edible oil pretreatment machine

edible oil extraction machine

Edible oil extraction methods

About high oil content oilseeds, we usually adopts prepress and solvent extraction method, in order to lower oil residue rate of final meal. This prepress and solvent extraction method can get some oil out in advance, then use solvent extraction plant to make the oil residue lower than 1%.
About low oil content oilseeds, we use pretreatment and solvent extraction method to make the cake reach the best status to extract oil.Which also can improve meal quality and lower oil residue rate.

In addition, which edible oil extraction methods to use also depends on customer requirements or customer budget.
We can offer you most suitable edible oil extraction methods and design based on your detail requirements.
As a result, which edible oil extraction methods will use need to consider raw material, customer requirements, customer budget etc.

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