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Palm kernel oil production business plan in Nigeria

A detailed palm kernel oil production business plan is important for someone who want to built a palm kernel oil mill plant.A thoughtful palm kernel oil production business plan will be essential for the long-term palm kernel oil production.This artical will give you a general introduction.Hope help u.

palm kernel oil production business plan
Small scale palm kernel oil production line

Basic elements of an ideal palm kernel oil production business plan:
Today’s market has increasing demand for palm kernel oil and palm oil. As long as the final palm kernel oil is of great quality, there are no worries about its sales. Then, the start funds play a key role in the palm kernel oil production business plan. It decide the scale and the quality of the palm kernel oil production. Prepare and find enough funds is beneficial. After that, search for a good place for production. Although producing palm kernel oil doesn’t have strict standard about the raw material, a place near by the oil palm plantation and selling market would be the best. Besides, good transportation is another important factor when selecting the production site. After all of these are prepared, it comes to choose the suitable palm kernel oil production and refining equipment. Actually, a good and responsible supplier or manufacturer will save efforts and cost on machine purchase. Just a like us, Henan Doing Company, we are the leading palm kernel oil processing plant supplier in China and highly focused in this field for over 20 years. Choose us, you will success in half. The last one is to gain necessary trains and knowledge about the management of production, operation of palm kernel oil production equipment, and develop sales and marketing strategies.

palm kernle oil production business plan
Large scale palm kernel oil mill plant

In conclusion, a good and well evaluated palm kernel oil production business plan is going to increasing the quality of palm kernel oil and the production capacity. Henan Doing Company is your reliable partner throughout the process.

In the earlier stage, we offer a palm kernel oil production business plan with great suitability based on daily capacity, investment cost, production scale and more.
In the middle stage, we design and provide palm kernel oil production equipment accordingly. More importantly, our quotation will be the most competitive.
In the last stage, we help to train the staff or operator and provide technical guidance. And, we are also responsible for the site installation and commission.

Palm kernel oil extraction process introduction:
Palm kernel oil extraction involves a series of processing steps. First, get palm kernel clean. Palm kernel should be cleaned through certain cleaning equipment or just by manual. Since the impurities may contain stones, sands, iron impurities, metallic debris and more, it is better to use cleaning machine or sieving machine to remove all these impurities to better protect the palm kernel oil expeller machine. Second, crush palm kernel. Original palm kernel is better crushed into small size by professional crushing machines for easy processing. Third, separate kernel and nut shell. There are two ways of separation, wet and dry. Fourth, press palm kernel. Before pressing, the palm kernel should be cooked or heated for higher quality oil and cake. Then, the pre-treated raw material is feed into palm kernel oil expeller press. Last, refine and get pure palm kernel oil. Pressed crude palm kernel oil should be refined through palm kernel oil refinery plant to get pure and edible oil.
palm kernel oil production
Palm kernel oil press process flow chart
palm kernel oil production
Plam kernel oil refining process flow chart


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