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Steps in vegetable oil extraction process

vegetable oil extraction process
Vegetable oil extraction process machinery

The vegetable oil extraction process is a complex process,vegetable oil extraction process also called leaching process.The vegetable oil extraction process is refers to using solvent to extract oil from the oil seeds containing less than 20% oil like soybean and rice bran after flaking or extract oil from prepressed or fully pressed cake of seeds containing more than 20% oil like sunflower, peanuts, cotton seed, palm kernel, canola, copra, castor and variety of other materials, usually use Hexane as the solvent.

Vegetable oil extraction process is refer to soaking the oil material cake in solvent, usually use hexane, make the oil and grease dissolved in the solvent, form to mixed oil. Then separate the mixed oil and solid residue (meal), then evaporation and stripping according to the difference of boiling point of the mixed oil, make the solvent vaporization, separate from the oils, get the crude oil(extracted oil). Solvent recycling after condensing and cooling. There are some residual solvent in the meal, after the dehydration and drying get dry meals, the solvent reused after condensing and cooling. This is the vegetable oil extraction process.

vegetable oil extraction process
Vegetable oil extraction equipment we have installed

Main equipment and section in the vegetable oil extraction process:
1, Oil seeds extractor;
Working process:
Oil seeds meal (prepressed meal)---material storage box--- material seal auger---(solvent--)---extractor--(--wet meal)---Miscella
2, Desolventizer toaster;
Wet cake--scraper blade conveyor--desolventizer toaster--(--meal catcher--mixed stem(air and solvent)--)--dried meal(cooling)--storage
Extracting oil from the prepressed or fully pressed oil seeds usually use the high material layer desolventizer-toaster, but for direct extracting, such as soybean, use DTDC.
3, Slovent evaporator;
4,Oil stripper;
Miscella filter--miscella storage--1st evaporator---2nd evaporator---stripping tower--solvent extracted crude oil
5, Solvent condenser
3 types of condensers are frequently used in this section:
Tube type condenser, spray type condenser, plate type condenser
6,Solvent recovery
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