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Palm oil fractionation plant

Fractionation Plant is a part of the oil modification procedure. Some of the vegetable oils need to be physically or chemically altered so that there is change in the properties of the oil. We have developed unique fractionation plants and systems for the oil modification. Our palm oil fractionation technology are useful in the Palm Oil Refinery Plants to refine and process the palm oil.
The Palm Oil Fractionation Technology is used in the Palm Oil Refinery Plants. Fractionation process consists of a controlled cooling of the oil, in order to make it crystallized. We supply the fractionation plants with our all the Palm Oil Refinery Plants.Palm Oil Fractionation is very important part of the refinery. It is to be carried out so that to separate the solid portion and the liquid portion of the oil.

palm oil fractionation process
The process of palm oil fractionation technology can be applied to:
Cotton seed oil
Shea butter
Palm oil
Rice bran oil
Palm kernel
Sunflower oil

The palm oil fractionation process consists of the five steps listed below:
Heating the feed oil
Formation of crystals by controlled cooling
Crystal growth
Maturation of crystals
Filtration to separate Olein and Stearine
Generally R.B.D. Palm oil is used for fractionation. For getting R.B.D. Palm oil, crude palm oil is refined, bleached and deodorized.

Henan Doing Company is specialized in palm oil refinery & fractionation plant, which was belong to the edible oil industry. Our palm oil fractionation technology are famous both domestic and abroad because of our rich experiences.We have sussefully installed palm oil processing machine ,palm oil extraction machine ,palm oil refinery and fractionation plant in many countries.

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