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Why do more and more people extract rice bran oil by the solvent extraction method?

Rice bran is a by-product of rice mills, and rice bran oil is extracted from rice bran. It is widely regarded as a healthy oil because of its rich nutrition and reasonable proportion of components. However, due to the low oil content, if the pressing method is adopted directly, the oil yield is quite less, but, solvent extraction method can improve the oil yield. Therefore, more and more edible oil manufacturers start to extract rice bran oil by the solvent extraction method. Now, Henan Glory Company will introduce the working process and advantages of extracting rice bran oil by the solvent extraction method in detail.

Working process of extracting rice bran oil :

Due to the low oil content of rice bran, producers usually adopt pre-treatment and solvent extraction method to extract rice bran oil. This rice bran oil extracting progress includes three sections: pre-treatment, puffing and solvent extraction.


Firstly, the rice bran would be cleaned by cleaning screen and magnetic separator in order to remove the clods, stones and small iron. And the clean rice bran would transported to bran and tips separation screen which can remove tips from rice bran. Then, the rice bran be cooked in conditioner for a period of time in order to adjust the humidity and temperature which is conducive to the puffing progress.


The puffing process would be operated in puffing machine. The process aims to puff the rice bran and is conducive to the further solvent extraction process.
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rice bran puffing machineRice bran puffing machine

Solvent extraction progress:

Solvent extraction progress includes four steps, which are oil extraction, wet meal desolventizing and drying, mixed oil evaporation and stripping, solvent condensing and cooling.

Step1, The solvent extraction method applies the principle of extraction, selecting a certain organic solvent that can dissolve the oil, and makes it contact with the pretreated oil by soaking or spraying, so that the oil in the oil is dissolved.

Step2, The wet meal is evaporated to remove the solvent and water in it in order to get the dry meal and recover the solvent.

Step3, The mixed oil obtained from solvent extraction need to be handled in mixed oil evaporation system, which uses the different boiling points of the solvent and oil, the mixed oil is evaporated and stripped, then the solvent is evaporated, the oil is left.

Step4, Finally, the evaporated solvent is recovered by condenser and recovery system from D.T.D.C system and mixed oil evaporation and stripping machine.
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rice bran oil solvent extraction plantRice bran oil solvent extraction plant

Advantages of rice bran oil solvent extraction:

First of all, compared with 45%-65% oil content of sunflower and 32%-50% oil content of peanuts, the oil content of rice bran is 10%-23%. When the rice bran oil is extracted by pressing method, the residual oil rate of the pressed cake is still relatively high and residual oil rate is 5%-8%. In contrast, using the solvent extraction method to make oil, the residual oil rate can be below 1% which is a big attraction for rice bran oil producer.

Secondly, compared with the oil production by pressing, the production of oil by solvent extraction can obtain the better quality of the meal because the operating temperature of the relevant process is relatively low, which adds feed value and helps to extract vegetable protein from the meal.

Finally, compared with the oil-pressing method, the production line used in the solvent extraction is generally more complete and owns high automation. Besides, the solvent extraction workshop has few operators and low labor.

Rice bran oil is of good quality but has low oil content. Therefore, in recent years, more and more rice bran oil producers have emerged using solvent extraction method to extract rice bran oil. If you are interested in rice bran oil solvent extraction machines and its prices, feel free to call us.

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