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Rapeseed oil refinery machine

Rapeseed oil refinery machine

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Refinery of rapeseed oil is essential to ensure removal of gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (F. F.A.) from the oil; to impart uniform colour by removal of colouring pigments and to get rid of unpleasant smell from the oil by removal of odiferous matter.

Refining is carried out either on batch operation or as continuous operation. With certain oils even physical refining can be carried out instead of chemical.

For processing less than thirty tones of oil per 24 hours, and when rapeseed oil has F.F.A. content of 1 % or less normally batch process is recommended. Batch process involves low capital investment, simplicity of operation and low maintenance, making refining economically a viable proposition even at capacity as low as 10 tonnes per 24 hours.

The equipment involved are Neutralizer, Bleacher, Deodorizer, Heat Exchanger, High & low vacuum equipment & Filters. Doing plant with batch process have been operating at number of places, processing variety of vegetable oils.

rapeseed oil batch refinery
rapeseed oil batch refinery

Continuous Refinery Line of rapeseed oil
For capacities higher than 30T/24hours Continuous Refining Process is recommended against Batch Refining.

rapeseed oil continuous refinery plant
rapeseed oil continuous refinery plant

Continuous Refinery will comprise of following steps:
Pretreatment / Degumming Section of rapeseed oil refinery machine:
Here the oils are given acidic treatment where by gums are precipitated and separated out by centrifugal separation or some times only gum conditioning is carried out (when gum content is low) and gums are separated in subsequent neutralising process.

Neutralising Section of rapeseed oil refinery machine:
The pretreated oil is subjected to Alkali Refining. The caustic soda reacts with Free Fatty Acids (F.F.A.) present in the oil and forms soap stock, the soap stock is separated out by centrifugal separator, oil is washed with water for complete removal of soap stock. The wash water is separated out by centrifugal separators.

Bleaching Section of rapeseed oil refinery machine:
The neutralized oil is treated with bleaching earth/activated carbon for removal of colouring pigments. The bleaching agent is filtered out in vertical pressure leaf filters. Troika design ensures uniform consistency in colour with minimum requirement of bleaching agent. The bleaching line is versatile and adoptable for all varieties of vegetable oils.

Deodorization Process of rapeseed oil refinery machine:
As the name suggest process is meant for removal of odour. Every vegetable oil has its own distinct natural odour. During neutralization and bleaching operation unpleasant odour is imparted to the oil, it is therefore essential to remove this odour. The deodorisation is essentially a process of removal of odiferous matter. The operation is carried out at high temperature by injecting open steam and maintaining high vacuum at which time all odoriferous matter is distilled off and carried away to barometric condensors through vacuum system. The resultant oil is .odourless – deodorized oil.

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