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300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine

300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine

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Palm oil extraction machine is used to extract crude palm oil from palm oil fruit while achieving higher palm oil yield. 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machines, also called as palm oil expeller, palm oil press machine, which can extract the crude palm oil effectively and is popular at home and abroad, especially in Africa, West Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana. The design and technology of palm oil extraction machine are very important for its smooth operation and further maintenance.

300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine

The parameters of 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine:

产量Capacity(kg/h) 300-500
动力Main Power(kw) 柴油机 Diesel:8HP 发电机Moter:4Kw
主轴转速Main Shaft Speed 25-35r/min
蒸煮时间Boiling Time 2h
重量 Weight(kg) 350
运输尺寸Packed Size(mm) 1500*800*1200

Features of 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine:

1. Small scale palm oil extraction machine mainly used to extrude palm fruit oil.

2. Designed and manufactured by Henan Doing company

3. It's good for small scale farm, small palm oil factory, home using,

4. Easy operation, easy move, easy change place

5. Driven by motor or diesel engine

6. Popular in Africa, South Africa, South America, Cameroon, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria, etc.

small scale palm oil extraction machine 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine(more information about palm oil extraction , you can watch : Small scale palm oil press machine commissioning video)

This 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine can be connected with palm fruit sterilizer, palm fruit thresher and palm oil filter machine. The following picture shows small scale palm oil processing plant.

palm oil processing plant Small scale palm oil processing plant

Except for 300-500kg/h palm oil extraction machine, we can also supply whole line of large capacity palm oil production line. (Watch a video: 100T palm oil production line.) Our company have rich experience in palm oil machines. Wait for your enquiry! We can give you the professional suggestions.

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