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Threshing station

Threshing station

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palm fruit threshing machine
Palm fruit threshing machine

In the threshing station of palm oil mill plant, the individual palm fruits will be detached from the bunch by use of FFBs thresher/stripper.Palm fruit threshing station can vibrate palm fruit from palm bunches efficiently. It makes further preparation for next step palm fruit oil press processing.
Rotating drum and fixed drum are the two main threshing machine applied in palm oil milling process. The bunch waste from the palm oil milling process is incinerated and the ash, a rich source of potassium, is returned to the plantation as fertilizer. 

threhsing station
Large scale palm fruit threshing machine

Main Machinery in palm fruit threshing station: Thresher (threshing / stripper) and Inclined Fruit Bar Conveyor.

palm fruit threshing machine
Running palm fruit threshing machine
palm fruit threshing machine
Small scale palm fruit threshing machine

We meet the demands of virtually every application in the edible palm oil processing industries. With premium quality palm oil mill machinery and professional processing systems & technologies in the field of palm oil extraction and refineries, you can depend on our equipment and expertise to help you design and build customized palm oil mill plant.And we can supply palm fruit threshing station with different capacity.

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