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Sterilization station 

Sterilization station 

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After the palm fruit is harvested, it need to be sterilized wthin 48 hours, the purpose of palm fruit sterilization station is to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding FFA content in oil further increase, at the same time, the temperature will make the fruits soften, palm fruit  sterilization station makes it easy for threshing, pretreatment expelling, prepare for the following process, such as digesting & pressing, it can also reduce the damage of kernel.

Palm fruit sterilization machine can be diveided into three kinds: Horizontal sterilizer, Vertical sterilizer, Tilting sterilizer.

horizontal sterilizer
Horizontal sterilizer

Horizontal sterilizer occupies large area and more steam consumption.

vertical sterilizer
Vertical sterilizer

Vertical sterilizer is cost low steam consumption and save energy, also occupy less space.
Tilting sterilizer
Tilting sterilizer

Tilting sterilizer, is is more flexible, energy saving.

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