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Solvent extraction plant/solvent extraction process machinery

Solvent extraction plant is using solvent to extract oil from oil cake, for different capacity , solvent extraction plant and solvent extraction process will be different.Compared with pressing, solvent extraction has higher oil yeild and lower labor cost with better work environment and better-quality cake.
solvent extraction plant
Main equipment s of solvent extraction plant
Why is solvent extraction plant important?
The oil residue inside cake is about 6.5% after oil press machine, this part of oil will be wasted if without oil extraction. After solvent extraction plant , the oil residue inside meal is less than 1%, which greatly increases oil yield.

Solvent extraction plant definition:
After oil pre-press machine , crude vegetable oil will be delivered to cooking oil refining workshop , and the pressed cake will be sent to oil extraction wprkshop, using solvent to extract oil from oil cake , this process is called oil extraction process.After oil extracted, mixed oil will pass through multi-effective evaporators to transform solvent into gas in order to get crude vegetable oil. And wet meal will be dried inside desolventizer,where the solvent will be removed too. Both solvent will be recovered after cooled down through condensers.Solvent is recyclying in solvent extraction process.


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