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Common problems and solutions in edible oil production process

Now the edible oil industry is developing rapidly, which attracts more and more investors to invest it. In edible oil production process, it’s inevitable to encounter some problems. In order to help customers to better process edible oil, Henan Glory Company summarizes the self-inspection methods and solutions for common problems in edible oil production process, and hopes to be helpful to you.

Problem 1: Unsteady oil output.

Reasons: The humidity and temperature of the oil seeds are not suitable, the cage bar gap is too small and is blocked by the slag, or the body temperature of edible oil processing machine is too low.

Solutions: Adjust the moisture and temperature of oil seeds, check the gap between the cage bar, adjust machine temperature and dredge the oil circuit.

edible oil pressingEdible oil pressing

Problem 2: Unsatisfactory pressed cake making.

Reasons: The first reason is that the worms are severely worn and leaking more slag; the second is that the screw threads are blocked by the slag.

Solutions: The first solution is to adjust the gap of the cake outlet; the second is to shut down edible oil processing immediately and remove the debris in the screw thread in time.

Problem 3: Abnormal device sound.

Reasons: If some abnormal sound appears when the edible oil is running, it may be due to metal or stone and other hard things into machine body, or uneven or excessive feeding , fasteners loose and lack of lubrication and other reasons.

Solutions: Stop the processing machine immediately, tighten the screws at all parts, add lubricating oil and evenly add oil seeds processing material.

oil pressing machineOil pressing machine

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