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Can sunflower oil and cottonseed oil share making machine?

Generally speaking, sunflower oil making machine can be used to produce cottonseed oil, but the equipment used in the production process will be different according to the customer's production process, output, oil characteristics, etc.. Therefore, Henan Glory Company will explain it to you in detail according to different situations.

1. Production process and processing capacity

A complete set of sunflower oil making machine: vibrating screen - destoner - magnetic separator - kernel husk separator - cracker - flaking machine - cooker - oil press - filter - solvent extraction machine - refining machine - dewaxing machine

700葵花籽油设备1.jpgA complete set of sunflower oil making machine

A complete set of cottonseed oil making machine: aspirator - vibrating screen - shelling machine - hull beater - flaking machine - cooker - oil press - filter - solvent extraction machine - refining machine - winterization machine

700棉籽油设备.jpgCottonseed oil making machine

From this we can know that if your processing capacity is small (1-20tpd), the two raw materials can be directly pressed by one oil press, and you can also add cookers, filters, etc. according to your needs. However, if the processing capacity is relatively large, it is necessary to increase, decrease or replace equipment, such as cleaning equipment during the production of sunflower oil and cottonseed oil, and kernel husk separator. Oil presses, filters, solvent extraction machine and refining machine can be used in common.

2. Oil characteristics

In addition to the wax in the shell of sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds themselves also contain wax. Even if the shells are peeled off, the obtained sunflower oil must be dewaxed. Cottonseed contains gossypol, which must be removed with refining machine, otherwise it will be harmful to men. Therefore, whether you are using small scale sunflower oil making machine or large scale sunflower oil making machine, Henan Glory Company recommends that you need to clean up the equipment in time after one of the cooking oils is produced, and then produce another vegetable oil, so as not to produce mixed oils and cause unnecessary loss.

700棉籽籽油精炼.jpgCottonseed oil refining machine

In addition to the above explanations, if you have other questions or want to know whether the sunflower oil making machine can also produce other types of cooking oils, please contact us. Henan Glory Company can provide you with targeted suggestions and guidance according to your needs, and provide you with professional cooking oil making machine.

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