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Sunflower oil filling machine

Sunflower oil filling machine

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The sunflower oil filling machine is the auxiliary equipment of the whole sunflower oil making machine. Our sunflower oil filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the vegetable oil processing industry. We can supply different models sunflower oil filling machine to meet your production goals.

sunflower oil filling machine Sunflower oil filling machine production line successfully installed in Uzbekistan

Sunflower oil filling machine working video is as follows:

Outstanding features of sunflower oil filling machine:

1) This sunflower oil filling machine has compact structure, flawless control system, and is convenient to operate with high grade automatism.

2) All the parts contacting the media are made of high quality stainless steel, able to bear corrosion and easily rinsed.

3) Adopts high precision and high speed ration filling valve so that the oil level is exact with loss, ensuring high quality filling.

4) The capping head has constant twisting movement, which ensures capping quality, without damaging caps.

5) Adopts high efficiency cap tidying system, with flawless equipment for feeding caps and protecting.

6) This sunflower oil filling machine adopts an electromotor with transducer adjusting speed, And is convenient to adjust productivity.

Application of sunflower oil filling machine:

Besides work together with sunflower oil making machine, our sunflower oil filling machine also can work together with soybean oil making machine, peanut oil making machine, canola oil making machine, rice bran oil making machine, cottonseed oil making machine and so on.

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