edible oil extraction machine video

1tph palm oil extraction machine runing video

We offer professional small scale palm oil extraction machine for palm oil from 1tpd to 20tpd. The palm oil extraction machine we designed is fully adopted mechanical driven, which connects each single palm oil machine together to extract oil with higher oil yield and at the same time, change the single machines by manual into the semi continuous palm oil production line to liberate the workforce. Palm oil extraction machine is really an ideal investing item with little investment, high production efficiency and high profits!

 palm oil extraction machine
Palm oil extraction machine

Features of the palm oil extraction machine:
★  Easier to operate, easier to install and commissioning.
★  Need small investment, fewer land space, but with the complete function of the production.
★ Need fewer labor, only 1 persons can run the palm oil extraction machine.

Henan Doing Company is a well-reputed company in the field of palm oil processing which specialized in oil project design, facility installation and debugging. We can provide customized palm oil pressing plant  as well as palm oil refinery plant for different customer.We will always offer the most suitable solution according to your raw materials and production scale. This double screw palm oil press machine we offered are premium quality guaranteed at the most competitive prices.

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